Sales and expert installation of Filtrexx Erosion Control Products

Filtrexx's superior erosion control products are your construction site's water run-off, sediment filtering and pollutant filtering solution. Filtrexx provides the highly effective tubular, continuous compost filter sock and Alvarez Enterprises fills and installs it according to your needs. Alvarez also sells and installs Filtrexx's easily transported and installed palletized SiltSoxx product.

Filtrexx Product Benefits and Options

  • Green best management practices: Biobased, Organic, Recycled.
  • FilterMedia or vegetated GrowingMedia filler compost
  • Easier to install, maintain and remove than silt fence.
  • 50% higher capacity than silt fence.
  • Can form basis for permanent retaining walls, shoreline stabilizations, stream bank restorations, and channel formations.

Palletized SiltSoxx

  • Affordable
  • EPA Approved
  • No Trenching
  • Easy Installation and Removal
  • Recycled Material
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Gas and Oil Proven